3 reasons to get rid of your physical polling clickers and switch to an app

Technological advances have changed the way we learn and communicate. Web applications like 2Shoes bring continuing education events and meetings into the tech world and connects event attendees, presenters, and organizers to save time and money. But what sets apps apart from physical polling clickers?

1. Engagement. While traditional physical polling clickers have been used for a long time to gather responses during lectures and events, they are limited to this single function. However, apps are powerful tools that are designed to enhance retention and motivation and leave a lasting impression after the event. Apps not only make it easy for attendees to ask questions on any web-supported device, but they can also provide instantaneous feedback to help keep attendees engaged.

2. Efficiency. By using applications, attendees and presenters can experience a better Q&A. In addition to the traditional function of gathering responses, apps like 2Shoes can provide a live list of questions right at your fingertips. The voting function allows attendees to choose which questions they want addressed instead of writing them down on a piece of paper or scrambling to get in line for a chance at the microphone. This means more quality questions are asked without the having to manage mic hogs or worrying about shy attendees.

3. Convenience. One of the major benefits of having a web-based application is that you can access it from any web-supported device such as your phone, tablet, or computer. This means that attendees and presenters can use any device that they already have instead of purchasing a separate physical polling clicker. In the case that the physical clicker is misplaced or stolen, it’s likely that another one would need to be purchased in order for attendees to participate in the event. However, because apps are versatile and accessible from multiple devices, attendees have various options to choose from to remain engaged and worry-free.

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