3 Simple Ways To Engage Your Attendees Early

At 2Shoes we talk a lot about engaging your attendees, it’s kind of our thing and we’re slightly obsessed with it. But something we don’t touch on that often is the importance and benefits of starting this engagement and participation early, even before the conference starts. So how can you get your attendees engaged and ready to participate before they ever step foot in the door? Below are 3 easy steps to help do just that:

1. Start the conversation before the conference even begins: Some apps (cough, cough…..2Shoes) allow you to create a space for attendees to start asking questions before the conference even starts. If you’re a real go-getter you could even respond to a few of the most voted on questions to let your attendees know ahead of time that you value their input and truly want to engage with them.

2. Make preliminary materials available early if possible: Maybe not your entire presentation, but if you have a few documents or articles you’d like to share with your attendees, to get those participatory juices pumping, it’s not a bad idea to share them ahead of time.

3. Educate your attendees early on about any new technology you’ll be using: If you’re using an app at your conference to better facilitate your Q&A or any technology that’s a first for your conference it’s worth including a brief blurb about it in pre-conference emails. This helps the attendees get used to the idea of using an app or conference technology well before you start.

These are just a few quick ideas to help event organizers or presenters engage with their attendees early and hopefully build on and maintain that engagement throughout the conference. Check out our other blog posts to learn more ways to increase participation and engagement at your next event.