3 Things Your Attendees Hate

Running events can be tough. There are tons of variables and attendees to keep happy. This can all be accomplished with a bit of planning but there are 3 things that you want to avoid doing, as your attendees hate when these happen.

  • Paying extra for wifi: We harp on this a lot. The tough thing is, we know that WIFI can be very expensive to purchase for an event but keeping attendees happy is critical. Your attendees have already paid a good sum of money to attend your event and don’t want to pay extra for something that is free in most places. If this is a huge expense for your event, pass the cost on to the attendee BUT include this cost as part of the registration fee. Don’t nickel and dime them!

  • Contrived document distribution: Attendees love having access to presenter slide decks but hate having to jump through hoops to get them. Having to print out hundreds of slides or wait to have their thumb drive loaded with PPTs is a huge pain. Use a web-based tool, like 2Shoes, to give your attendees access to slide decks, polls and feedback. This will make things much easier.

  • Waiting in line for the microphone: Everyone likes to ask questions to the presenter. The problem is, not everyone likes to wait in line for the microphone or deal with ‘mic hogs’. Furthermore, making shy attendees comfortable asking questions is critical to getting full engagement and participation at your event. Use a tool like 2Shoes to make it easy for your attendees to ask questions during the Q&A and keep your event on track.

Organizing events is though but as long as you don’t make these 3 mistakes, your events will be awesome and your attendees will love you! As always, feel free to send us your feedback or questions by emailing us at info@2shoesapp.com.