ARS VS Total Audience Engagement

Hey everyone this is Danny Kirk from 2Shoes, and today I am going to talk with you about audience response versus total audience engagement. First, what is audience response? It's commonly known as ARS and it is essentially just polling. You may have seen these before. They are bulky clickers and texting solutions. They are expensive and cumbersome and a lot of organizers loose them at their conferences. You also have to pass them out and keep track of them during your events. They only do one thing, they do it well but it is just polling. Now. What is total audience engagement? That is a two way street of engagement during you presentation. ARS only does one thing, just polling. Attendees can't answer questions if they are not allowed to ask question first. You will get better engagement if you have a two way conversation during your presentation. Total audience engagement solutions like 2shoes also are much cheaper because we provide much more functionality than just polling. So next time you are considering buying 2000 ARS clickers for your annual meeting contact us and see what we can do. As always ,email us with questions of comments. Thanks