Attack of the Mic Hog!

In celebration of Halloween, we are featuring a haunting tale about all events’ most terrifying adversary… the Mic Hog!

It was a dark and stormy night (ok not really) and you had just finished months of planning for your annual event. This year was going to be different, you promised yourself. You would engage shy attendees, save money on printing documents and stay within your budget. The start of the first day was going well enough that you actually believed it might come true. That is, until the Mic Hog appeared!

You didn’t notice him at first as he mingled through the crowd at registration. But 10 minutes into the first presentation, you saw something odd. There he was, already standing at the microphone even though the Q&A was still 20 minutes away! What on earth was he doing there!? As the attendees got more uncomfortable with him just standing there, one thing became certain: this guy was going to hog the mic during the entire Q&A. Your worst fears became reality. As the Q&A opened to the crowd, the mic hog belted out a 5 minute statement - with no apparent question at all - and waited eagerly for a response from the confused presenter and moderator. Finally, they were able to give some type of answer that got him down from his soap box, but deep inside you knew he’d be back at it, during the next presentation.

As you walked out, the fact that he took up the whole Q&A time didn’t upset you the most. Not engaging shy attendees or getting to relevant questions that the audience surely had was a bigger concern. This is when you remembered a quick email you got from a company called 2Shoes. They spoke of an easy way to handle questions coming in, while managing mic hogs and empowering shy attendees. The best part was, you remembered they hosted documents, surveys and clicker-less polling too. You immediately knew that your secret weapon for event success had arrived and you pulled out your phone to signup for a quick demo and see what 2Shoes had to offer.

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