How to get the best attendee feedback

Hey everyone! This is Danny Kirk again from 2Shoes and today I am going to talk about attendee feedback. Events are a magical time. It is a break from ordinary life where your attendees can be around their peers in a stress-free environment. Succeeding at creating this is easy to do as long as you know how to create this environment, and listening to your attendees is the best way to accomplish this. First, gather feedback in an electronic manner. We talk to a bunch of organizers each week that still use paper surveys. They spend weeks each year compiling data after their event and thousands of dollars printing these surveys. Using a tool like 2Shoes can help with this. Next, getting specific feedback during certain times and here are some ideas.
Before your event: what to expect at the event, topics for particular presentations and food allergies.

Now during the event: hows the temperature in the session room is and do they like the food from lunch today.

Now after the event: would they recommend this event to others, what would they like changed or added to next year's event and what were their favorite presenters.

Remember this feedback will help you run the best events around. Take it seriously and you will rule the event world. As always shoot us an email if you have any questions or comments. Thanks very much.