Best Practices Series - Event Day

So now that you’ve sent out a few emails with blurbs and instructions on your new event technology (see the first post in our series HERE) it’s time for the main show. We’ve learned that consistently reminding attendees throughout the event is crucial to seeing good usage. It may seem redundant but trust us, this works.

Here are a few ways to remind your attendees to use your new technology:

  • Take 3-5 extra minutes before the first speaker to actually walk attendees through how to access or use your new technology. You can use this time to pull up the technology on the main screen and walk them through exactly how to access it.

  • Have a slide in rotation at the beginning of your event and during breaks reminding attendees about your new app or technology. Below is an example that many of our customers will use:

  • Get speakers and moderators on board with the new technology. (If you’re working with 2Shoes we’ll make sure to schedule a team training with anyone you’d like to help get them comfortable with the app.)

  • Have moderators and speakers remind the audience throughout the day to use the technology.

  • And finally, make sure your staff is trained and prepared to answer questions from attendees.

It make take a little extra effort upfront but we’ve seen time and time again just how effective these tips can be when it comes to introducing new technology.

As always, thanks for tuning in today and don’t forget to check out all of 2Shoes App’s blog posts HERE.