Best Practices Series - Educate Early

Today is the first day of our series on Best Practices. Over the past few years we’ve learned a lot here at 2Shoes about the best way to implement a new technology at your event. We’ve learned (perhaps most importantly) what not to do and have found some great ways to set our customers up for success, especially when it’s their first event.

The first thing you can do as CME or CE event planner to successfully introduce a new technology is to educate your attendees, and educate them early. Often times the best tool at your disposal is email. If you’re planning on emailing attendees over the course of several months with updates and news about your event make sure to add a short blurb, instructions on how to use this technology, and include the weblink or how to download the app.

Here is an example of an email blurb many of our customers use:

The 2017 CME Event is proud to announce the use of 2Shoes App during this year’s event. This application will allow you to easily ask questions to the presenters, answer polls, view documents and give feedback during the sessions. Please note that there is no app to download or account needed to use this system.

To access this application:

  1. Using any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop), go to:
  2. Click on the session you are in
  3. Ask and vote on questions, access documents, view presenter profiles
  4. The presenter will address these questions during the Q&A

Here is a How-To video for attendees: "

This can also be a great time to let them know why you’re using this new technology. Letting attendees know that you’re invested and determined to give them the most engaging and interactive learning experience you can is a great way to drum up some additional buy in from your attendees. It can also be useful to let them know how it’s helping you and your team. Maybe it saves your event planning team time and money with printing documents or surveys, and this in turn allows you to focus more on the important content portions of their event.

One Pro Tip we recommend to our customers is creating a separate session within 2Shoes called “Pre-Conference Discussion.” This gives attendees an opportunity to explore, ask questions, access documents before the event and feel more comfortable with the application on event day.

So remember, the next time you’re considering using a new technology at your event, make sure to start the education process early on and give your attendees the opportunity to explore before day 1 of your event.

As always, thanks for tuning in today and don’t forget to check out all of 2Shoes App’s blog posts HERE.