Best Practices Series - Post Event

Part 1 and Part 2 of our Best Practices Series took a look at how to educate your attendees before and during your event but how do you get the most out of your event technology after the event is over? Read on to find out!

The end is finally here. The AV team has packed up, the hotel staff is likely flipping your event space for the next event and all of your attendees are heading home. Take a second to relax, pat yourself on the back and……..respond to a flood of attendee questions in your inbox???

We know that this time for reflection and learning can be lost due to entering and compiling hard copy survey data, responding to questions about how to contact presenters and the ever present “how can I get a copy of the presenter’s slides?” question.

Since this three part series is about event technology specifically here are a few best practices you can implement before your event to make sure you’re team is spending its time on the important things post event:

  • Make sure your event app has an option to create electronic surveys: Having to collect and manually input survey data is time consuming for you and your staff and takes up valuable mental bandwidth post event. Making surveys accessible in-app also gets that data into your team’s hands much quicker. Take a look at the example below of how easily attendees can click and respond to surveys in 2Shoes:

  • Host your documents online or, even better, in your app: Making handouts and presentation slides available to your attendees and easily uploadable for your team adds tremendous value post event for your attendees. And! It can save your team a ton of time afterwards by not having to field these questions constantly via email.

  • Share presenter contact info in-app: We know that not all presenters want to share email and social media contact information with their attendees but for those that are willing this is a great way to foster learning and conversation after your event has ended. Be able to follow a keynote speaker on Twitter or Linkedin and also being able to email them directly can help attendees feel more engaged.

As always, thanks for tuning in today and don’t forget to check out all of 2Shoes App’s blog posts HERE.