CME Event Engagement - Why you should care

At 2Shoes we talk a lot about attendee engagement and participation….a lot. But it’s only because we’ve seen first hand just had great an event can be when your audience is engaged. At continuing medical education events (CME’s) it’s even more important to ensure that real quality learning is happening. Below are three of the top reasons why you should care about attendee engagement at your next event:

  • It’s why your attendees are there: We know that sometimes attendees are there simply to fulfill their CME credits but providing the tools and environment they need to learn and continue to grow in their profession is key to becoming a leader in the industry. Engagement and participation are clear indicators that true learning is happening.

  • Growing the return rate of your attendees: Attendees want to gain value from their CME events. These events are a great place to meet new people in your field and reconnect with old colleagues but leaving with the feeling that you learned a few new things that will make you a better medical provider is priceless. Having engaged and excited attendees is a great way to assure you’ll have a growing number of attendees year after year.

  • Keeping your presenters happy: We talk a lot about attendees, but let’s not forget our presenters here. We love to give attendees the tools and time they need to ask questions but this is also a great learning opportunity for presenters. Presenters are able to gain a ton of insight and learning of their own by receiving questions and comments from the audience, and guess what? Attendees have to be engaged to do that.

At your event take a little extra time to make sure that your attendees have the tools and resources to participate in the conversation and connect with the presenters. In an age of growing distractions competing for your attendees’ time and concentration let your CME event be a time and place where they can hunker down and focus.

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