FEATURE FRIDAY: Deepwater Operations Conference

This November 3-5, the Deepwater Operations Conference will celebrate its 13th year of addressing challenges in developing deepwater resources. The obstacles involved in this type of exploration are huge and this is a great event for attendees and presenters alike to learn from each other ways that they can tackle these problems in an environmentally sound, and sustainable, manner. This event will include 1400+ attendees and multiple cutting edge sessions.

From PennWell’s website, this event is best attended by:

-Field Professional (Superintendent, Foreman, Assistant Foreman, Toolpusher)


-Management (Production Manager, Engineering Manager, Exploration Manager)

-Executive Management (CEO, President, Owner, VP, Managing Director, etc.)

-Purchasing (Purchasing Agent, Purchasing Manager)


This leading industry event is put on by PennWell- an international multi-media company that publishes a magazine on the petroleum industry and organizes a plethora of energy events. If you are a petroleum industry professional, make sure to register for this event and learn more about the agenda by clicking here.