This week we are changing it up a bit and featuring an awesome startup company from Lyon, France. This is Degust&Co- the first platform for booking and listing tasting opportunities, currently throughout France. This great website allows you to search and sign up for all types of tasting opportunities, making the entire process much easier.

The idea came to be in 2013 when Valerie Touraine, the CEO, tried to organize a tasting for her friends on a Sunday night. She found that it was difficult to do, compared to booking a restaurant or hotel, which could be done in a matter of minutes. After talking to more people about the concept, she found that others had this same issue and were looking for a solution to their problem. Degust&Co was born. Valerie thought that her home country of France would be a perfect place to start this company as tastings for wine, cheese and coffee is a huge industry, and organized her team.

I met Valerie, along with mentor and investor Bernabe Chumpitazi, on a recent trip to Lyon where 2Shoes was being used during the ISAKOS Congress 2015. I was immediately impressed with her vision and goal of providing a solution for the huge tasting industry, world wide. The Degust&Co team went through Startup Weekend and validated their concept by talking to their target customers and users. Using the great entrepreneurial community in Lyon, they have grown and are expanding their offerings in different locations.

Degust&Co not only provides a way for individuals to sign up for tasting events. They also provide a platform for tasting professionals to market their services to a larger demographic, increasing their sales and awareness. One thing's for sure, this startup company is destined to change the tasting industry and we can’t wait until they start organizing events in the US!