Do your customers write you letters?

We’re in the day and age where exponential growth seems to be the only defining factor of a good startup. Where taking on as much investment money as possible is the defacto key to success. But I don’t believe this to be true. It seems so many people forget about the once top motto of entrepreneurship: “make a small number of people love your product and not a large number of people kind of like it”. This is what we focus on at 2Shoes and I wouldn’t sacrifice loving customers for all the growth in the world.

2Shoes was recently used at an event in California by an organization who was trying our app for the first time. We gave our standard ‘white-glove’ treatment as far as setup and support goes and even put a staff member on the ground, to make sure their first event went gangbusters. It did, to say the least. The organization saw a huge increase in attendee engagement and one of their organizers wrote us this letter thanking us for all our hard work, professionalism and being a part of the team. We of course said that it was not a problem, and further mentioned that we see our relationship with our customers and users as more of a partnership and not just a one way street. We truly want their experience using 2Shoes to boost their event’s success and we know that we, in turn, will learn from the relationship too.

So the next time you hear about another startup raising a ton of investment and having their wheels almost fly off with the huge growth, understand that that is not the end goal. The end goal is providing value and having customers love your product. If you can do this then the sky's the limit for what you can achieve.

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