Don't Believe the Hype

I have a problem. I’m a very competitive person and have a habit of getting stuck on any news that a competitor may be doing something that even slightly resembles us. Here’s a newsflash: there are tons of competitors and dealing with the thought of them is something to learn and manage while having a startup. I’m blessed to have a co-founder, Elliot, who manages the hype for our team very well. He loves the startup community and events but knows that talk is usually just talk. When he does learn of a competitor (no matter how large or similar) he tries to learn from what they are doing, rather than getting freaked out.

I think this is the key- don’t believe the hype. The hype will cloud your vision and distract you from what’s important. Furthermore, the hype is not a real thing- just a social anomaly that appears real due to more people buying into it. However well another startup may be doing has no bearing on your team. Be happy for others but keep your head down and aim for the dream. Also remember that the journey is just as important as the destination, and enjoying your time learning is synonymous with success. So the next time you hear a bit of news that is getting your all disgruntled, be happy for these people but then let it go and move on.