Education, engagement and happy attendees

As an event organizer, there are many things you need to focus on during your events. When it comes down to it, the three main concerns should be education, engagement and having happy attendees. Below, we will talk a little bit about each and why they should be important to you.

A lot of our users are continuing education (CE) or professional development organizations. They put on a ton of educational events each year, so including the latest knowledge in their presentations is critical. This can be done by seeking out top speakers, with ground-breaking research, and also asking your attendees what they would like to learn about. With CE events, having relevant and truthful education is important beyond throwing a great conference. It’s critical to the well-being of humanity as you may be training doctors, or other professionals, that will help save lives.

Even providing the best content at an event doesn’t keep your attendees on the edge of their seats. Engagement is critical to having excited attendees and there are many ways to accomplish this. Making it easy to ask questions will make your audience feel more connected to the presenter. Using a simple polling service, where you don’t have to use clickers or texts, will help too. Finally, put presenter documents online and use a virtual feedback form to give your attendees a say in your next event. You can even use an Audience Engagement System to tie all of these together without breaking the bank.

If you have provided great content and ways to engage with the presenters, you will likely have happy attendees. A few other tips to insure this are to include WIFI in the cost of registration and provide great coffee and drinks for snack break. Put a few device charging stations throughout your event space and you will be set!

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