How to pick the right app for your event

There are a plethora of event app on the market these days. What’s great is that most of them are pretty awesome and offer a wide array of functionality. The tough part is trying to choose which one would be a good fit, and cost effective, for your event. Use our quick guide below to help make this decision for your upcoming event.

Large Events

Are you organizing a huge convention or annual meeting with thousands of attendees? The choice is easy for you then. You should go with DoubleDutch or Cvent as a provider. Both apps have every functionality known to man and great support. You can even pair them with smaller apps to increase engagement during your presentations. The downside of these apps is a huge price tag, although this is likely not a problem if you are running an event of this size.

Mid-Size Events

If you are organizing a mid-size event, around 1000-3000 attendees, then you can go several routes. If you have a large budget, we recommend you fork for the big event apps mentioned above, as they will suit your event well. In the event that you are more budget restricted, go with smaller apps like Event Mobi or 2Shoes. Both of these apps will help focus on connecting your attendees and making the most of your in-session engagement.

Small Events

Small events are awesome as attendee-presenter engagement can be more easily done and the logistics are less complex. Having said that, if you are running a 150-1000 person event, you should still use an app. 2Shoes will do a great job and make it easier for attendees to ask questions, answer polls, access documents and give feedback. Being a smaller event, you won’t need all of the functionality that the big apps provide and 2Shoes’s price tag will fit nicely into your budget. Feel free to contact our team to learn more about how we can help your event.