Event Nightmares. Turning negatives into a positive.

Things go wrong, which is why we have contingency plans. In a previous post we told you about the ‘event toolbox', and we’d recommend you reading about this before finishing this blog post. Below are a few real life example we have been through or have heard about that you should keep in mind if the scenario happens to you.

Weather is just one of those things… Snowed in, rained out, blizzard warning. Weather will cause people to be late, stay late, or miss events. Being proactive when it comes to attendees becoming upset can turn an event nightmare into a memorable experience. Being able to communicate with attendees from wherever they are is important, so make sure you can send sms or email to your attendees with an event tool like 2Shoes. It is up to you whether you refund a ticket do to bad weather, but you can quickly offer folks unable to make it a livestream of certain presentations with tools such as Faceboook and youtube live stream. Although nothing replaces actually being at an event, but this will be a new and somewhat fun way to view for many individuals.

Although this would simply be poor planning, it happens. Not enough handouts or swag, like a water bottle, is not always the end of the word but it does give another opportunity to make something memorable happen. Make up for it and send any attendees, that did not receive something, those things right after the event. Hopefully it is not to many so you can include a handwritten card, picture from the event, or other extra swag. This gives you the opportunity for another touch point to stay at the top of the minds of your customers.

Making people feel like you care is the overall message of turning a nightmare into a positive so, in conclusion, if something goes wrong help people connect with your organization or each other. One last option if people are stuck in different areas, or maybe there is a power outage, bring them together. Help facilitate small sharing circles that people can use to connect and grow their network. This will help with creating a positive event experience.

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