FEATURE FRIDAY: AA-ISP Senior Executive Retreat

Want to attend one of the top sales professional events in the world? Do you want the attendees of this event to be only top level executives in an intimate and inviting atmosphere? Then the AA-ISP’s Senior Executive Retreat is the event for you! Hosted at the absolutely stunning Sundance Mountain Resort, from October 5-7, this high level retreat helps attendees to work through key organizational level challenges in hands-on workshops. “Topics such as skills development and training, tools and technology, recruiting and on-boarding will be addressed as well as executive leadership development.”

The AA-ISP is an international organization dedicated to advancing the profession of inside sales. This group doesn’t just provide training events, they conduct studies and organize roundtable discussions to figure out best practices for their industry, and how to share their knowledge with others. The principles of their organization have over 75 years of dedicated inside sales experience and are focused on your organization’s people, not the process, to make progress.

Inside sales is a critical part of any company. The market environment is ever changing and it is important to stay on top of new advances in the professional process. It’s for this reason that we think the Executive Retreat is a must-attend event for any sales individual. Not only to you get the top training, but you get to network with industry executives at one of the most enjoyable resorts in the nation. Don’t wait, register for this awesome event today!