FEATURE FRIDAY: 38th Annual Pulmonary & Allergy Update

National Jewish Health will be hosting the 38th Annual Pulmonary & Allergy Update on February 3, 2016. They opened their doors in 1899 and have been providing care and education ever since; focusing on patients with respiratory, cardiac, immune and related disorders. This conference is being held at the Keystone Conference, in Keystone, Colorado.

If you attend this conference you will learn about recent advancements in a few areas including, but not limited to, asthma and and immunology. There will be workshops and small-group breakouts that allow for networking and a deeper dive into your interests. Some other breakouts and topics include; Eosinopillic Esophagitis, Severe Asthma, and Adherence.

Here is a full list of the agenda topics, from their website:

--Changing Health Behavior

-Update on Biomarkers in Asthma

-Confounders and Complicators of Severe Asthma

-Evolution in Our Understanding of Atopic Dermatitis and Emerging Therapies

-ACOS (Asthma COPD Overlap Syndrome): What We Don’t Know

-The Complexity of Asthma: From Phenotype to Endotype

-New Concepts of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) in Pulmonary Disease

-COPD: New Aspects on Basic and Translational Research that are Clinically Relevant

-Bronchiectasis/Nontuberculous Mycobacteria (NTM)

-Eosinophilic Esophagitis

-Update on Food Allergy

-Wheezing Infant and Young Child: Diagnosis, Treatment and Prognosis

-Contact Dermatitis

With their 116 year history, you are in good hands if you choose to attend the 38th Annual Pulmonary & Allergy Update. Register for your spot today by following this link!

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