FEATURE FRIDAY: The 100th Annual Ohio Foot & Ankle Scientific Seminar

The Ohio Foot and Ankle Medical Association’s (OHFAMA) Annual Scientific Seminar is taking place from June 9-11 in Columbus, Ohio at the Hilton Easton. OHFAMA, originally called the Ohio Podiatric Medical Association (OPMA), was founded in 1915. A name change in 2012, gives us the Ohio Foot and Ankle Medical Association that we have today. They are dedicated to being a “voice for podiatric physicians in Ohio to ensure the highest quality of medical and surgical foot and ankle care through advocacy, education and public awareness.”

There are a number of objectives, mentioned on their website, that podiatric physicians should be interested in:

-Be knowledgeably informed or remember information regarding podiatric conditions, maladies or circumstances relating to the practice of medicine and podiatry -Extrapolate by comprehension, understanding or perception the insight gained via lecture and discussion relating to the practice of medicine and podiatry

-Formulate or infer by application case relevance relating to the practice of medicine and podiatry

-Distinguish by analysis the appropriate modalities in the treatment, care and protocols of current trends, application and practices of medicine in podiatry

-Generalize, synthesize, or deduce by classification ways to develop treatment protocols based on current literature and evidenced based medicine

-Compare, contrast and evaluate judgment values for those ideas presented between medical and surgical applications

If you are a member of OHFAMA, or if you're not even in Ohio, you are sure to grow professionally from this Continuing Medical Education event.

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