FEATURE FRIDAY: The Association Management Center

We usually feature specific events or organizations running events in our Feature Friday blogs but this week we are going to feature a company that helps organizations like yours “Achieve What You Believe”. This is The Association Management Center. Since 1974, AMC has been helping associations accomplish their short and long-term goals, in multiple facets of business. The company was originally founded by Art and Dagny Engle and, in 1998, it was taken over by the second generation Engles, Scott, Jeff and Mark.

From the start, AMC has been focused on creating long-term relationships with their association partners and empowering employees to use their skills to the fullest and grow professionally, and personally. They have a strong corporate culture and value teamwork, community giving and focusing on future value for all. Their offerings include Association Management, Conference Management and Development, Strategic Consulting, Marketing and Communications, Membership Development and Technology.

Follow these links to find out more about AMC’s services and culture. They also offer Shared Management information which can help you better leverage limited resources. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to their friendly team here.

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