FEATURE FRIDAY: The NAMI National Convention

The National Association on Mental Illness will host its 2016 Annual Convention in Denver, CO, from July 6-9. This year’s event will attract over 1500 industry attendees and exhibitors to listen, learn and be a part of the community. Since 1979, NAMI has been helping to educate, listen, advocate and lead the mental health industry and this event is the pentacle of their efforts.

From their website, the convention will feature:

-Top-notch researchers and clinicians providing information and tools to advance and sustain recovery from mental illness.

-People living with a mental illness and their families providing their own important perspectives on recovery.

-The country's keenest minds and savviest policymakers offering strategies and tactics to effectively advocate for changing the mental health system in our nation.

-Abundant networking opportunities so we can learn from each other about how we can improve the lives of all people living with mental illness and their families. Inspiration, innovation and an exhilarating four days in Denver.

If you or a loved ones is affected by mental illness, or you are an industry professional, then this event is not one to be missed. Click here to see their preliminary schedule of sessions and make sure to register and get a hotel room too!

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