FEATURE FRIDAY: The Nutrition & Health Conference 2015

The Nutrition & Health Conference is where 2Shoes got its first HUGE boost of traction and we are extremely fond of this event. The 2015 event will be from May 3-6 at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel, in Phoenix. The setting will be fantastic and attendees will share “nutrient-rich and tantalizing meals with like-minded learners and gather insights on nutrition, prevention and healthful living from internationally recognized researchers, clinicians, educators, authors and chefs”.

The Topics for this year’s event will be:
-Emerging science of the human gut microbiome, good bacteria, and healing foods

-Controversial research on the drawbacks of proteins, fats, and grains

-Dangers of the sedentary lifestyle and how to get patients moving

The Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine was founded by Dr. Andrew Weil and encompasses his vision for a balanced lifestyle. Team 2Shoes will be releasing its new Networking Function at NHC 2015 and you can find out more about this event, and register, here.