FEATURE FRIDAY: World Business Forum

Do you want to attend a truly mind blowing event? One with the best, and most famous, keynote speakers in the world? Then the WOBI World Business Forum is the event for you! This two-day event is absolutely filled with amazing stories of individuals that have changed the world and bettered themselves, and humanity, because of it. This fall’s event will be held at the Lincoln Center, in New York City, from November 12-13.

This years event’s keynote speakers include:
-Kevin Spacey

-Sir Richard Branson

-Walter Issacson

-Jim Collins

-Herminia Ibarra

-Adam Grant

-Oscar Farinetti

-Mark Bertolini

-Stephen Ritz

-Carolyn Everson

-George Kohlrieser

-Steven Kydd

We all love stories. They are what propel us to accomplish great things and create the paradigm shift in our minds that may someday help us change the world. It’s for that reason that we recommend you snatch up some of the final tickets and attend the World Business Forum. You will be happy you did!

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