The Ultimate Event Planning Details: The Final Pieces

You’ve done an awesome job so far by following the simple steps in our Ultimate Event Handbook and you’re on the road to success! We’ve discussed WIFI, creating a Run of Show document, organizing Speakers, planning the all important Budget, and easy tools that you can use to communicate this information with your team. Our final blog from this handbook is about the miscellaneous pieces that are small, but critical, to your event’s success.

Insurance for your event is important; be it for alcohol or general accidents that may need to be covered. Most venues will be able to help you with this process, and even offer their own preferred services, but a quick google search will render relevant results.

Large events can bring tons of people, and traffic, into a confined area. Be aware of other events going on, in the surrounding area, during your event and make sure to plan your needs around the worst case scenarios. Accidents and other weird things can happen during large events. Make sure some of your staff are certified in First Aid and let Emergency Medical Staff know the details of your event so that they can be on standby. Make a central area for lost and found items and a board for people to post messages to all the attendees. Use 2Shoes to create a general thread for attendees to post questions and comments that can be addressed by the organizer, and available to view by all attendees.

Now that you’ve gone through our entire handbook, you are ready to rock your next event. We don’t just sell an engagement app- we are dedicated to our user’s entire event success. To that end, feel free to contact us with any questions you have and we are always happy to get on a call and see how we can make your next event even better than the last!