Focus on 1

No matter who you are or what you do, we all want to see progress. Whether it’s increasing your event attendance, year-on-year, or growing your business, it’s hard not to want to see linear progress. The thing is, unless you are at the beginning stage of an endeavor, progress will never remain linear and we all need to become ‘Okay’ with this notion. However, there is one trick that will help you breakthrough your plateaus and this is Focusing on 1.

What do you mean by ‘Focusing on 1’, you ask? The notion stems from the idea of being in the moment and giving each task 100% of your effort, no matter what it is. Don’t expect to see regular progress if you are sloppy with the things that you do but, if you make each action in your day deliberate and meaningful, then you can expect to see growth that is off the charts. Let me give you a few examples:

Take feedback to heart and act on it.
Feedback can be tough to receive. Even if it is truthful, we don’t always want to hear about how we can improve, because that might imply that we messed up. Get that idea out of your head and know that listening to feedback may be the one greatest key to success. Now, from before, remember to focus on this. Don’t just read your surveys and say ‘oh great idea!’, come up with a plan to take this feedback and better your organization from it. Make this a key item to complete prior to planning your next event.

Know your customers.
This is something we focus on incredibly hard, at 2Shoes. We don’t just want to be another faceless software company, we want to have true relationships with our customers. It is time consuming but, let me tell you, it will pay off. Make sure to take time to walk the floor during your event and truly meet your attendees. Ask them where they come from and how they are liking the conference. Exchange business cards if they want and let them know that if there is anything you can do to make their time at your event more enjoyable, just ask. This is a much more powerful method of customer service and this focus will show your attendees that you appreciate them being there, far beyond them being another number in the crowd. Once your attendees feel this, they will become the best advocates that money could ever buy for your events.

One event at a time.
We talk to a ton of event organizers and we know that you have to plan events years in the future. Having said that, make sure to focus on one event at a time. We have all met incredible conference managers that are such pros that their events can almost be considered a work of art. This attention to detail, for each and every event, is what will set your organization up for high growth.

Remember, progress is made one tiny step at a time. An olympic champion marathon runner doesn’t win the race all at once. It’s years of training and focus. So, tomorrow when you start work, make every action you do a gem. No matter if it is responding to emails or a presentation to your Board, you have an opportunity to blow minds at every turn. Take it and reap the rewards!

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