Forget ARS. You need an Attendee Engagement System.

Audience Response Systems are pretty cool. I mean, who doesn’t love animated graphs!? The idea that confuses us, and is actually why we started 2Shoes, is that only asking attendees to answer polls is only half of the story with engagement. Without allowing them to easily ask the presenter questions, you will not make the most out of engaging your audience.

This is where our Attendee Engagement System comes in. We have the 4 key aspects that are critical to cross-participation with the audience: easy question asking, polling, access to documents and feedback. Here is a bit of info on each as to why they are so important.

1. Easy Question Asking: Attendees need to be able to ask questions before they can answer them. How can they correctly answer a poll if they still have unanswered thoughts about the presentation? It’s not enough to just have a microphone or paper and pen. Our system engages shy attendees and manages ‘mic hogs’; making the best use of your Q&A time.

2. Polling: Our polling is simply integrated into the question feed. There is no need to text in answers and we still have the fancy, real-time, graphs that you love!

3. Document Access: There is no need to print slides decks for everyone or try to copy information onto a billion thumb drives. All you need to do is attach them to each session and attendees can access them on their device, or print them if they want a hard copy.

4. Feedback: Possibly the most important part of your event. Make sure you learn from year-to-year about what your attendees loved and hated about your event.

Our attendee engagement system has each of the four important aspects to make sure your attendees are participating and becoming the best marketing for your future events. To make it even better, our application is very easy for them to use too. There is no app to download or account to create. Just simple ease of use. Contact us to learn more about what our app can do for your awesome events.