Our top picks for the future of event tech

You might have noticed- we are stoked about event and education tech. It’s what gets us up in the morning and drives us to do what we do. We are always focused on what the future holds for our industry and here are a few of our top picks for what is to come in the near future.

-Virtual Reality: Tech has been at events for a while now, but many companies are exploring the possibility of having attendees interact virtually with their brand, product or services. This could not only be very cool, but could save businesses huge amounts of money on exhibit booths. Imagine giving attendees more access to what you offer, which not having to pack a U Haul worth of stuff for each event? That’s what virtual reality will do in the future!

-iBeacons: iBeacons will likely be the first part of the entrance of virtual reality at events. Although they don’t allow you to step into a different reality, they will let you interact with something that is not physically there, by just walking by a specific area. iBeacons are small objects that use Radio Frequency or Bluetooth to transmit information to app on devices that are traveling within its specific area. This could be deals or just information about products and services. We hope that iBeacons will come out for Android and for devices that don’t have an app, soon.

-Super Engagement: Engagement is what events are all about. Whether it is engagement between attendee and presenter, or engagement with sponsors and vendors- this is what everyone wants. Some companies are doing an amazing job with this piece but we are excited about the day when combining virtual reality and iBeacon technology can connect people at every level of events, or event with individuals who are not at the event but involved with the industry.

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