How to avoid technical difficulties during your events

In order to host an effective conference, it is essential to do everything you can to prevent technical difficulties from interrupting your presentation. Below are some suggestions for preventing technical difficulties at your next conference:

-Ensure that the computer you are using is up-to-date to prevent updates from happening during presentation

-Make sure to use a compatible and updated Internet browser

-Check ahead of time to be sure that the venue has WiFi available and that your device is able to connect

-Pre-test audio equipment to prevent timely audio issues

-Become familiar with projector use and connection

-Bring your own connection cables, it’s better to be over-prepared than unable to present

-Call your venue to see what previous technical difficulties they have experienced so you can be prepared to handle them

If you follow these guidelines, you can help to limit your technical difficulties and host a successful conference that will leave your attendees with a positive impression!

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(This blog post was written by Kristin Kelly, Jackie Torres, Kasondra Alfano, Ayana Blackey, from The University of Arizona)