How to choose the perfect location for your event

Location, location, location. As with the cost of your home or apartment, the location of your event can play a large factor in its success. Events give people the opportunity, sometimes on their employers dollar, to expand their knowledge in a new setting. Given that a fantastic location will also cost your more upfront, it could also be what brings folks to their decision to attend. Below are a few topics to consider when planning your event when it comes to location.

Weather can have a huge effect on people deciding what conference to attend. In the winter months you can bet that many doctors in Chicago would be happy to attend a conference in California, Texas or Florida. On the other-hand if you choose Breckenridge, Colorado for your event about sports medicine you could do very well because attendees would be able to spend time on the mountain.

Cities are a big topic of conversation. It seems like every other week I am reading about the best cities for biking or flavored chocolate. Many of you already change the location of your annual events, and if you don’t, think about it. People like to go to new places, or places they have not been in a while. From Austin, to Nashville, or Portland, cities are unique and can make it easier for some to attend while offering others the chance to experience a new place.

Attractions that might let your attendees “double dip” may be the last push someone needs to purchase a ticket to your event. Disneyland, Yellowstone National Park, World Trade Memorial are all interesting places to check out, and don’t forget to list what attractions your attendees can visit on your event registration page. Giving attendees a few small itineraries or even simple directions to top sites is also a great idea.

In conclusion, the location of your event, just like where you go to dinner, could play a major role on who attends. Think about who you want to attend your event and what they might like to see, besides your great program. The weather, city and surrounding attractions will influence some of your potential attendees so take it all into consideration.

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