How to encourage attendance

Do you want to encourage more people to attend your next conference? Increasing conference attendance can be difficult but below are some ideas to get you started:

-Target your outreach to your specific audience. If your conference is intended for medical professionals, advertise it on medical forums, hospitals, and other places doctors are likely to notice it.

-Use social media. Make a Facebook, Twitter, or other social media account for your event and share the link on your website.

-Have a featured speaker who is known among your audience and highlight their lecture on your conference materials. If a featured speaker is less well-known discuss their credibility and the topic they will be discussing.

-Offer a gift or raffle drawing to the first attendees to register for the event.

-Host your conference in a convenient location for attendees to travel to and highlight some of the attractions of that city on your event page.

-Avoid scheduling your conference at the same time as other large or related events.

-Tell potential attendees how your conference will benefit them by highlighting networking opportunities and why the conference topic is important.

-For the best turn out it would be helpful to send out reminders/save the date emails and post frequently on your social media accounts

-Use 2shoes to improve future attendance by asking attendees what made them want to attend.

Encouraging attendance is beneficial for both the presenter and the attendees because it increases networking opportunities, makes your conference more enjoyable, and is cost efficient for the presenter. By attending more conferences the attendee gains more knowledge as well as providing important feedback.

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(This blog was written by Ayana Blackey, Jackie Torres, Kasondra Alfano, Kristin Kelly, from The University of Arizona)