How to make next year’s event easier

With each event you put on you learn something new from. One of the most important ways to make next year’s event easier is a post event debrief. It is best if you call this meeting within 3 or 4 days of an event ending. You can email out post event surveys but, the more face-to-face conversations you can have, the better. I am talking about a team follow up here, because you have mastered the attendee follow up, right? Remember, positive comments about what worked are just as important as talking about what went wrong. Take detailed notes during this conversation and update your event planning timeline (you better have one of these!). Here are a few questions for what to ask your team:

-Were there any questions attendees kept asking your team? This is commonly about temperature in the room or where a room is. You will learn what information to have more available and/or what people were upset about.

-What speaker received the most questions or had the biggest turn out? You will learn either that folks were confused or the presentation was engaging and got attendees thinking. Then you can bring back similar speakers the following year

-Was there a moment when people were waiting around or in line for something for an extended amount of time? This will help to learn which processes to improve upon.

-Did all of your technology work properly?

The list can go on, and remember, take notes during this meeting and talk about how to improve both what did not work well, and expand on what did work well.

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