The sure fire way to increase your event attendance

Want to know a sure fire way to increase your next event attendance? It’s all about increasing engagement. You see, attendees put a lot of effort into attending your event and they want to feel like they are being recognized for this. Being afraid to go up to a keynote speaker or wondering who to talk to during a networking event is not good, and you should be very concerned if this is happening at your event.

Attendees need to feel right at home and this should be a focus of your organizing effort. Use an attendee engagement system to make it easy for them to ask questions and connect with the presenters. Most of these systems even have functionality to connect attendees based on interests so there shouldn’t be any awkward standing around during your networking events. There are many great ways to connect attendees in the sessions too. This can be accomplished by crowdsourcing questions and content from the crowd and using it as a way to increase engagement between the attendees and the presenter. Most event apps will even connect attendees based on questions they asked and voted on!

As an organizer, increasing attendance year-on-year is important to keeping, and growing, your event. Increasing engagement seems like it may be a deviation from your course of action but it is a small investment to make in order to turn your attendees into your event’s best marketing you can imagine. We’re always here to answer questions about how to make your event better so feel free to drop us a line!