It’s ok to say No

We run into the fear of saying ‘no’ quite a bit. You see, we contact a great deal of people that would value from using 2Shoes. Many times we are able to demo our app for an event organizer and then never hear from them again. Even after multiple follow ups we are still left in the dark and not sure what went wrong.

This is due to the fact that most of us are afraid to say ‘no’. It sounds weird that someone would feel uncomfortable doing this because it’s such a simple phrases. In reality, we are a bit designed to fear saying no due to wanting to please people. Humans are social animals and being part of a group helps to foster this. Saying ‘no’ can be seen as not liking someone else or not wanting to be a part of a larger social network. In this way, our fear of being excluded is keeping us from what is best for ourselves.

Most of the successful people I know (both in business and personally) are comfortable saying ‘no’ and not in a way that is negative. They know that voicing their opinion should not be taken as a personal jab. When this type of person says ‘no’ they are actually helping you save time because you don’t make the mistake of moving forward with something that they don’t want to do, spending your time and resources in the process. This can obviously been done in a negative way too, but just making sure that you speak your mind will guarantee that you are open and honest with others.

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