Less is More

“Less is more” is a saying that I’ve heard for years and is prolific in the outdoor adventure community that I spend much of my free time in. Yet it’s one that’s rarely put into practice and is only now becoming a more accepted view within some of the larger outdoor communities.

Having just returned from a backpacking trip in Grand Canyon I can say, first hand, that while this may be a more accepted way of thinking, it’s still far from accepted practice. I saw scores of tired and weary backpackers lumbering down the trail with 70lb packs there for one night of “escaping” the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives. What would happen to their experience if we stripped their equipment down to the essential (truly essential) items? It’s likely that they’d be able to look around more, move more freely down the trail and when they reached camp still be energized enough to explore and enjoy their evening. Instead we see them drop their packs, struggle to set up their tents before exhaustion wins a hard fought victory and they collapse for the day, all before re-packing the following morning to fight their way back to the trailhead.

Now imagine showing up to your next conference, or a large lecture class, and wading your way through additional sign-in screens, remembering your password, and completing additional steps to reach the end goal- engagement! You’ll likely feel similar to those weary backpackers struggling their way to their end goal as well. Why not remove as many of these unnecessary steps and hurdles as possible so that you can reach that point of participation and engagement quicker and feeling more refreshed?

At 2Shoes, we’ve tried to follow the the “less is more” path since the beginning. Stripping away the additional functions that bog us down and removing as many barriers as possible to student/professor and attendee/presenter engagement. Creating a simple to use and intuitive app allows our users to focus on what’s important in the same way that removing the “extras” allows those eager hikers to spend time enjoying where they actually are. Learn to love and embrace simplicity. You may find that it will make your life far more rewarding.

“What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson