How to make the most of your presentation- Part 2

During Your Presentation

This is the second part of our blog series about how to make your next presentation better. From our Part 1, you have learned how to prepare for the session and in this post you will learn how to convert that preparation into an amazing presentation and keep your attendees coming back for more.

Pace and tempo. Remember that episode of Seinfeld called the Low Talker? Nobody likes to be an attendee in a presentation where they can’t understand what the presenter is saying. For this reason, make sure to speak audibly (if not more!) and pace how fast you are talking. Rushing through a presentation because you are nervous will only make things worse so take your time and enjoy it. You are likely giving a presentation on something you are passionate about so let it show! Let the attendees know you are stoked about the subject and your excitement will be infectious, resulting in better engagement.

Eye contact. Making eye contact with your attendees is a standard trick to calm the nerves during a presentation. Acknowledging that attendees are human beings (and not horrifying monsters) is critical for feeling comfortable with the crowd. If you are still too uncomfortable making direct eye contact, pick several inanimate objects in the crowd and move your eye contact between them to make it appear that you are looking at different people. This will make your attendees feel more appreciated and comfortable to ask you questions.

Breathe! Another standard trick and will help with keeping a tempo. Focus on your breathing and make sure the breaths are deep and quality. This will help you keep a deeper/calmer vocal tone, which is comforting to most people, and will keep you from being nervous.

Connect with the attendees. Your attendees came to your presentation to connect with you! Make sure to provide them opportunities to do so. This can be taking questions from the audience (through 2Shoes, of course), giving them your personal email or going into the crowd afterwards to mingle with your followers.

Followup. Show your attendees that you care about them beyond your presentation. Send them a survey for their feedback or further information, following up on the content of the session. This will keep your attendees eager to come back time and time, again.