FEATURE FRIDAY: AZ Water’s Risk Management Panel Discussion

Are you in the engineering or large project management field and looking to attend an eye opening event on how to mitigate risks? Then you should check out AZ Water’s Risk Management Panel Discussion, on August 28 at Phoenix City Hall. They have assembled a top level panel of experts that will each bring a unique view of their concerns when working on capital projects.

From their website, some of the questions that will be answered are:

-How did the Owner come up with this budget?

-Why did the Engineer design it this way?

-How did the Engineer come up with their probable cost?

-Why are we over budget on bid day?

-What was the Contractor thinking when they submitted their bid?

If you are in the industry of large capital projects, then this panel discussion is not to be missed. You can find our more information here and email Larry Ayers if you have any questions.

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