The Ultimate Event Planning Details: Run of Show

Creating an amazing event is not as easy as it sounds. There are many variables and logistics, and organization is key. The first thing you should do when planning an event is to create a Run of Show (ROS) document. Simply put, this document details when each part of your event happens and who is responsible for making it happen. Make sure this document is easily accessible for all of your team members. We recommend using Google Drive Docs to make and share this list. It will help maintain live-updated details and keep your whole team accountable.

When starting to create the ROS, begin by thinking of big items and sections of your event. Write those down and then go into detail about what each of those parts need. This could be staffing, event rental items, attendee gifts, wifi, etc. Each section should also have date, time, staff assignment and venue. When picking staff members to assign to each portion of your event, make sure to think of each person’s strengths and how these will best fit a particular portion of your event. When you finish this document, make sure it’s shared virtually (through the Google Share Function) with each staff member and is posted in a central location at the event for all of your team members to reference.

Failing to plan is planning to fail, but the Run of Show document will help mitigate these risks. Still, unexpected things will happen during your event and having an ‘event box’ on hand, with extra supplies is a good way to plan for the unknown. Pack this box with extra name tags, markers, scissors, string, tape, batteries, first aid kit and even a Square card reader.