Where to save and where to spend during your event

Events are expensive to plan. There is space, wifi, food, speakers, equipment to pay for and the list goes on! Having said that, not all dollars are equal when planning your event and we know what to save and what to spend extra on to make your event a hit!


1. Don’t spend money on printing materials such as agendas and slide decks. Use an attendee engagement system to allow your attendees to virtually access these and print them if they want.

2. Start your first sessions right after breakfast so that you save on this cost. Your attendees may even like this better as they can sleep in a bit and have flexibility in where they eat.

3. Venue. Book your venue during off seasons or the transition to/from the off seasons to save some money. Booking during high times will be very costly not only for the venue, but for your attendees traveling to your event.


1. Get the good SWAG for your attendees. You can actually get less items, but better quality ones and your attendees will love you for it!

2. An awesome keynote presenter is the main reason most people attend events. This may seem obvious but don’t skimp on this and make sure you pay for the top value speaker to blow your attendees’ minds.

3. WIFI. We’ve said it before, but don’t nickel and dime your attendees on WIFI. Purchase a strong level and include this expense in the cost of the ticket.