You would be shocked to hear what one of our users told me recently

$5000. The number blew me away. I sat on the phone call in silence for several seconds. Realizing my silence was getting awkward, I chimed in with “Uh, you paid $5000 for clickers for a 400 person conference?” “Yes.” Hearing this is not something completely out of the ordinary for our 2Shoes team but it always leaves me in shock. Physical clickers were all the rage in the past decade but now there are many better options that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. But the surprises didn’t end here. As I talked more to this conference organizer, she shared that they were also spending close to $1000 on buying thumb drives to put all the presenter documents on, so that their attendees have access to the slide decks. The number wasn’t the biggest shock to me- I was mainly thinking about the amount of time it would take to compile all those documents onto a master thumb drive and then copy them to 400 other drives. I know this organizer had other important things to be doing than wasting time on this.

Over the course of the call, I eagerly listened to her stories of time and money wasted, without true increases in attendee engagement, and how her team wished there was a more efficient way to handle all these variables. I was pleased to tell her a little bit about how 2Shoes has helped many conference organizers, with the same problems she has, and how we can make her next event much easier and allow her to focus on the big picture. I started out with mentioning how our attendee engagement system has both question feed and polling functionality, without the need for clickers or a download. Then I talked about how the presenters can attach their own documents (even change them right before the session!) and attendees will have easy access to these without the need to copy thumb drives or print out slide decks. The best part was the price- an all-in-one engagement system at a fraction of the cost of what her last event cost. It was her turn to be shocked and the choice was made even easier through working with our great team.

1-year later, her event has much more engagement and took less of her time and money.

It’s success stories like this that drive our team to do what we do. We’d love to share more of them with you and let you know how we can make your event even better. Feel free to reach out to our team to learn more.

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