We’ve solved your problem. Now go solve your attendees’.

We’ve done it. 2Shoes has solved your problem of lack of engagement during your events. Our Attendee Engagement System makes it simple for your attendees to ask questions, answer polls and access presenter documents during your events. There are no clickers to buy, accounts or passwords to remember or texting rates to worry about. Just pure and simple engagement. But, we need your help to take this to the next step and solve your attendees’ problem.

We know that it is scary to adopt new technologies but the time of using microphones and paper and pen has long since past. You attendees hate these methods for the Q&A and using an attendee engagement system is much easier than you think. Your attendees have a huge issue with easily answering polls, accessing slide decks and asking questions, so why not make this as simple as possible for them? Our system is incredibly easy to implement and your attendees will love you for doing it.

So don’t fear change; embrace it! Contact our team today to learn how you can use our system to solve your attendees’ problems and make your events even better!