The Ultimate Event Planning Details: Speakers

Last week we talked about the all-important “Run of Show” and this week we are diving into our third post of our Ultimate Event Details, the Speakers. We all know how important choosing the right speakers for an event is and no one knows that better than you, the event organizer. So today we’ll focus on a few helpful tips with managing and keeping your speakers happy throughout the conference:

Emails: It’s important to remember that your speakers are just as busy as you are. So keeping emails concise and relevant to their position in the conference is critical. Bombarding your speakers with general attendee emails and/or including them on long CC’d email threads often times results in your emails being ignored, slowing working their way to the bottom of the speaker’s inbox.

Day of Event: On the day of your event make sure to check in with each speaker before their presentation begins. This is a great time to introduce them to their moderator, remind them you’ll be using 2Shoes to gather questions for the Q&A, and mention any specific things you may need them to mention before their presentation. Also, make sure to have your “tech emergency kit” on hand with extra cables, flash drives, batteries, ect…just in case!

Create a Speaker Space: Often times speakers have an excited following at these events so providing a speaker lounge or some private space for your speakers is a great way to keep your speakers happy, and sane! Create a private space, with coffee, snacks and water for your speakers to prepare for their presentations and escape to afterwards if they need to, they’ll certainly thank you!

Each conference and speaker is unique and different but the above tips can help keep you on track with insuring your speakers are happy and successful in their presentations. Remember to stay tuned for next week’s post as we continue our Ultimate Event Details series and if you have any questions or comments let us know at!