FEATURE FRIDAY: Stanford’s Cardiovascular Surgical and Medicine Symposium

Go to the stunningly beautiful Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay, on May 8-9 for Stanford’s Cardiovascular Surgical and Medicine Symposium. This 2-day course will “improve the knowledge of cardiology physicians, cardiothoracic surgeons, nurses and nurse practitioners regarding appropriate options in mechanical circulatory support (MCS) for patients with end stage heart failure and management of these patients before and after receiving MCS.”

The learning objectives for this course will be:

-Identify and implement clinical criteria to refer patients who may benefit from mechanical circulatory support at an optimal time to create better patient outcomes.

-Identify appropriate patients for emergent mechanical circulatory support and select appropriate therapy options (ECMO, percutaneous pVAD, intra-aortic balloon pump).

-Develop strategies to support and manage patients prior to MCS based on the latest development in treatment options for these patients: Identify when to initiate inotropic therapy. Serially monitor right ventricular and end organ function. Identify when a patient would most benefit from mechanical circulatory support.

-Develop strategies to manage post MCS complications based on the latest development in treatment for patients with: Gastrointestinal bleeding post LVAD. Arrhythmias post LVAD. Right ventricular failure post LVAD.

-Discuss the need and opportunities to build a MCS framework that includes appropriate in

Hurry and save money by registering for both days of this conference! You can find the agenda here and contact Cassandra or Yolanda if you have any questions about this amazing event.