Summertime: a time for reflection

Ahh summertime; it’s a time to take a break from your busy spring event season and, who knows, maybe even a vacation! So while you’re taking some time off, here are a few things to reflect upon for your upcoming fall conference season:

What do your attendees really want?
You gather feedback from every event but have you actually tallied the top points of feedback? The presentation rooms were too cold, There weren’t good vegetarian meal options, There wasn’t enough Q&A time and The wifi was too slow, are a few we hear all the time. Take them to heart and try to make improvements where you can. Listening to your attendees will turn them into the best marketing your events could possibly buy.

Have you joined the tech era?
The continuing education demographic has been older for a long time now. Having said that, it is getting younger by the day as young professionals enter the workforce. They love technology so make sure you are investigating apps that could help your event. And don’t worry, some apps are so easy to use that even your older attendees will love them!

How can you cut costs without losing engagement?
Events are expensive and the trick is keeping your attendees engaged, without blowing your budget. A few tricks to doing this are putting all of your documents (like presenter slide decks and agendas) on your event app to save on printing. Also, using 2Shoes App for your surveys will save you time compiling feedback data after your event while staying with the times by providing new tech to your attendees.

How can you lower your stress while planning better events?
At the end of the day, your stress levels and happiness are most important. Make sure to take time to ‘smell the roses’ and enjoy what you are doing. During your event, make sure to delegate tasks and walk the floor. Seeing the event from the 30,000ft view will make you proud and remind you why you do, what you do. Each day, make sure to turn off your devices at night and set boundaries at work. Meditating can also help you focus during stressful times.

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