Stay lean but don’t forget the team

We love being a lean startup. It helps us keep control of the company we started and always points us in the right direction when big decisions need to be made. Having said that, it can put extra stress on our team so I’m excited to say that we just returned from our first 2Shoes work retreat!

We took a long weekend and flew our whole team (from NYC, Georgia, California and Arizona) up to Seattle for a meeting of the minds. We rented an awesome Airbnb right off of Greenlake and enjoyed great weather and amazing food. Our team enjoys the flexibility of being a virtual company but having everyone face-to-face for 5 days was amazing for building our team and pushing through on tough discussions. Only so much work can be done over the phone and it was nice to reward our team with 5 days of adventure and relaxation.

Whether your organization is a small startup or huge corporate behemoth, make sure to listen to your team’s needs and reward them for their hard work. After all, without our awesome teams, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish what we love to do.