The best and worst ways to get feedback from your attendees

Getting feedback from your attendees is critical to running better events in the future. There are many ways you can do this that range an expanse of different options and functionalities. Here are our top picks for the best and worst options that you might use at your events.


Word of mouth. Talking to your attendees is fantastic, but it can be extremely difficult to get homogeneous answers as your questions and social cues will change which, in turn, will influence how they answer. In addition, writing all this data down and organizing it can be difficult. We recommend touching base with attendees in a more social manner and if you do want to record it, use video or audio.

Paper and pen. The absolute worst way to gather attendee feedback is with paper and pen. It seems great at first- you can make a pretty looking document and then hand it out to attendees for them to fill out. That is, until you realize you have to print out 1 for each attendee and then have someone compile the answers after the event. This method is costly and time consuming which is why we recommend you stray away from it.


Survey Monkey. Survey Monkey is an amazing tool that has a plethora of options and functionalities. Talk to anyone who has used it’s free version and you will find a loyal customer; and for good reason! You can pretty much make any possible survey you can imagine and then share the link in an email to attendees to have them fill out. The best part is that there is no data compiling- you just go to their site and it’s all right there.

2Shoes App. 2Shoes provides a simple feedback form integrated within its standard app. You can enter in several questions and attendees can rate them on a 5-star rating system and give further comments. This allows you to gather both qualitative and quantitative feedback. You can also use this function in conjunction with their question feed, polling and document hosting, allowing you to easily increase engagement.

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