The Creed: Make your users ecstatic

We are proud to say that 2Shoes is now an international company. It’s been a wild 17 months from when we first started but one thing has always kept our vision clear- our creed: Make your users ecstatic. We do this in many ways. From trying to find the perfect functionality, that solves user problems, to going above and beyond during their events; there’s nothing we won’t do to put a smile on our user’s face.

We heard of the idea of focusing on making users happy a long time ago. Many of our mentors told us to focus on finding pain points for a small group of people and make a solution for them. Furthermore, the goal of the initial phase of a startup was to focus on making a small group of user ecstatic about your product or service. The reason for this is two-fold. First, making users happy means that you created something they value, which (hopefully) you will be paid for, if it’s of enough value (further reason to make them even happier!). Second is that if you make this small group of users ecstatic, they will become advocates for your company which is better than any marketing you could buy.

We realize that we don’t have all the resources in the world to build the perfect product instantaneously when a user asks for it. Our team works as quickly as we can to put out a better product that offers a continually larger value to our users but, in the event that we can’t move quickly enough with our product, we always make sure our service is the best in the industry. Even though our event support is technically just for our app, we go above and beyond to help our event organizers throw an amazing event. We’ve proof-read documents, carried boxes, stuffed attendee bags, handed out drink vouchers, setup their account and sessions and the list goes on! The outcome: our users are so impressed about how dedicated we are that they spread the 2Shoes word for us.

Stay hungry. Stay foolish. And, above all, make those users ecstatic!


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