The Disease that is Killing Your Events

You’ve seen the signs. The bored faces of the bodies that are sunken into the hundreds of chairs in the room. Their eyes lazily drifting down to their smartphone screens or wishing that they were somewhere else entirely. They do not care what you or the presenter is saying. Beads of sweat start rolling down your face and you desperately rack your brain to find a reason why this is happening. You have the best speakers and the finest accommodations! How could they not be thrilled? Have you been infected too?? No, but the prognosis is not good- you are not providing the right value to your attendees and your event is slowly dying.

The situation is dire but we can help you with the cure. It’s as simple as taking a step back and thinking long and hard about what your attendees find value in. To start, let us consider the speakers and presentations. Having big name speakers is great but don’t overwhelm your attendees with too many big names, and certainly don’t put two big names in simultaneous tracks. The same goes for session length: try to keep them to 45 minutes with a 15 minute Q&A. No need to bore them by sheer volume.

Now, let’s focus on that big fancy event space that you rented out. It’s enormous and beautiful, but is this killing your event too? Yes, yes it is. Your attendees legs are feverishly sore from the long walk back and forth to each session room that are not close together. These huge events spaces are impressive but they will hurt your attendees more than they will help them. Make sure your events space, and sessions rooms, are close together as well as all other necessities. We even recommend that you have all sessions in a single room which will maximize the return on your space investment. Along these same lines, consider having a lounge area with power cord strips so that attendees can charge their devices. In an ideal world, you would have outlets, within power cord reach, at each attendee table but just having a few ‘charging stations’ can go a long way.

Finally, the last thing that is killing your events is the lack of an easy way for your attendees to ask questions. Your attendees have come to this event to engage with a particular speaker but they are getting sick of not having a method to do so. Even worse is an infected method such as using a microphone or paper and pen. When using a microphone, you run into ‘mic hogs’ that tell their life’s story and, at the same time, you don’t hear from shy attendees. Paper and pen is similar in that it is a pain for all attendees to use, and then your speakers or moderators have no way to decide which questions to answer, if they can even read the handwriting! Using a tool like 2Shoes will help solve these problems and many more!

Your events are dying but these few tricks will help them survive. Focus on providing real value to your event attendees. Get their feedback on any changes you have made and really listen to what they have to say. If you have any other questions on how to make your events even better, contact our team and we’d be happy to help.