The Next Big Bang, Groupthink and Interaction

I love reading articles. I take most articles with a grain of salt but still enjoy others’ opinion and the fact that their curiosity compels them to seek new information and convey it to the rest of the world. Yesterday I read an article on how scientists have calculated that, due to Quantum Tunneling, the next Big Bang should occur sometime between 10^10^10^56 years AND 10^10^10^10^2.08 years (Carroll, Chen 2004). While this hypothesis gives me a good chuckle, I can’t help but admire the author’s determination to find out, to the best of his/her knowledge, the date of an event far far beyond their death. It is this determination and curiosity that make us an organism that innovates, solves and evolves.

When minds come together great things can be a byproduct. However, this nexus of minds can create a problem: Groupthink. The fallacy that the collective mind is always right, can do no wrong and is all-powerful can deter such innovation and progress. How can this be? For starters, more dominant members of a group will control the direction (even unintentionally) due to their nature. They can accidentally sway others towards their view and the less dominant members will not have a legitimate chance to voice their opinion. Once this direction is taken, the ‘power-in-numbers’ fallacy takes effect and the group now thinks this single direction has no chance of being wrong. One of the ancillary problems that we wanted to solve with 2Shoes is the group think issue. Our goal is that 2Shoes will be used in informal votes, and group-projects alike, where ideas and opinions need to be expressed equally.

It is also our hope that interaction will be increased not only through our app but in person, as well. We believe that human interaction and experience is the goal of this dream of a life and we don’t wish to stifle it. By lowering the barriers to entry for interaction, easing the unease of asking a questions, we hope to help create more physical conversations with all parties at ease.