The Rapid Learning Stage

Learning is synonymous with experience during this blip of a dream that we call life. Our experiences define who we are and I don’t think there are many things that are more fun than being in the Rapid Learning Stage. This is what we live for- the honeymoon is in full swing and you seem incapable of doing wrong. Even if you make mistakes, you can easily correct them and no harm no foul- you are, after all, learning the ropes.

The last 10 months have been a blast and a whirlwind of learning. Elliot and I came up with the idea for 2Shoes in June 2013 and, in less than 7 months, we were being used in the largest classroom at a R1 university and had paying customers. Best part is, this is Elliot and my first app (thanks goodness for our awesome developer. Shameless plug!!! We have gotten lucky but have made plenty of mistakes and even welcome more- this affords us the opportunity to learn quickly.

One of our fantastic and generous mentors mentioned how we are in The Rapid Learning Stage. He commented on how we don’t really know what we don’t know but, that is ok for the time being. In this stage, the only thing that is critical is the ability to reverse/change course, using the least amount of resources, while learning as MUCH AS POSSIBLE. While the prospect of stepping into the unknown, with legit skin in the game, can be quite daunting, wouldn’t you rather have a life of diverse experiences rather than one of living with the fear of something new? We sure as hell would.

My Dad used to tell me an allegory of a man on a Safari. At night, stricken with the fear of being trampled in his sleep by an elephant, he would be unable to fall asleep. One night he heard something outside his tent and he thought it was an elephant. Knowing that death was near, he decided he’d rather step out of his tent and meet his maker face-to-face. He opened the tent and, sure enough, there was an elephant outside. However, he was no longer afraid and just the act of knowing what he had feared made him more comfortable with it.

Don’t live in fear of the unknown. Empower Your Curiosity. And, above all- Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.